An intro to the photographer's blog

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome. Take off your shoes and come on in.

The site will be frequently  updated with new tips and  topics. I will try to keep it light hearted, but meaningful.

Photography is more than capturing pictures. It is about capturing mood, emotion and beauty (or otherwise) and sharing it with people who come into contact with your photography.

To take successful photography the photographer needs to feel involved.  So get out there, get involved, get the rewards by seeing peoples reactions to your work of art.

Have fun!


Maulden Flower Festival

The festival, which was a great success, was held this weekend just gone (4th and 5th Sept). Have a look see:

Child Photography

Perfect Portraits

Outdoor Portraiture

Photographing Children:

The first step if the children are not yours, ask the parent’s permission and ask one parent to be present during the photo session.

Make the shoot a game. Children were born to play and learn. You may not get a great photograph posing a child in a start formal room, but let them have fun in a field and the only limitation is how fast you can press the camera button.

Define boundaries for the child and let the child enjoy the session. Capture the moment.

Tips on slide shows:

My ten top tips:

  1. Choose the right music
  2. Have a story in mind
  3. Select images that fit the story. The images do not have to world class!
  4. Get emotionally involved. If you don’t put feeling in, others won’t get emotion out.
  5. Be adventurous
  6. Choose a decent slide software package. I use Pro Show by Photodex at http://www.photodex.com – Fantastic. Others are Pictures to exe and the Photoshop Elements suite.
  7. Make use of movement
  8. Use transitions sparingly and effectively
  9. Show friends and colleagues and get feedback
  10. Consider the feedback. Take action. Improve.

Don’t be concerned if your first show is a bit amateurish. Practice makes perfect.  Enjoy the journey

Today’s top tip

Do you remember the family slide show. No matter how good the photography Uncle Joe was snoring within 5 minute. Even popcorn did little to make the event exciting!

The good news is a slide show can be interesting, emotive, informative. The  secret is putting it to music..

I will be giving a few tips

Today’s top tip

Style Advice

Be BOLD, wear bright!

Bring life to your portraits. Get your subject to wear complimentary colours. This portrait is given new life by simply wearing a bright scarf. Befriend a style advisor.

Studio type photography

White backdrops are still effective

Now come back here son.

Although white backgrounds were once the rage and have now died off to some degree. Portrait photography of babies can still be effective against a white backing.